From the Far East to not so far from home

A clear benefit of working life in a global economy is the occasional opportunity to explore areas you would have never otherwise had the chance to visit. As a result this week’s edition is split between cider adventures from opposite ends of the globe. We begin in the Far East, destination Shanghai…

As often happens when exploring for new adventures and tastes in craft beverages, new friends are made along the way. In this case the venue is The BREW in Shanghai, a craft brewery inside Kerry Hotel across from Century Park in the Pudong half of the city. An oasis in the craft beverage desert that is China, The BREW was an excellent find!

With 7 beers and 1 cider on tap The BREW is the only place in Shanghai that currently makes its own cider!  There are imports to be found here and there but the offering at The BREW is the only uniquely domestically produced cider available.

Him: The Razorback cider is produced in an off-dry style that is medium bodied and fuller flavored and less sweet than mass market ciders available.  The color is light golden and it is clear.  The carbonation produces a mild bubble that quickly dissipates.  Aroma is fruity and floral which is also apparent in the flavor.  The acidity is lower than most of the ciders I have had recently but the sweetness could be masking some of the acid.  Finishes slightly sticky in the mouth but not overwhelmingly.  It is a change from the English style ciders from the last couple of weeks but very drinkable.


As the craft beverage market booms, the Rochester area is in no shortage of places to find delicious cider. I had the pleasure to visit Muller’s Cider House on University Ave in Rochester. As there are only a limited number of cider bars around the country, it is pretty awesome to have this gem right around the corner from us. Sometimes all you have to do is travel around the corner to get an amazing experience.

This is not the first time I have been to Muller’s, but each time I go, it gets better and better. They have a wide selection of ciders from local to English, Spanish and even iced cider. You can get a flight which is a great opportunity to experiment with different varieties and widen your palette. The bar staff is well educated on the different types of ciders they are serving.  One thing I love about Muller’s is how much they support the local cidermakers while introducing people to a wide variety of unique ciders.


Hers: My choice for the evening was The Little Boy Brett from Cider Creek Hard Cider. It is a new addition to their line of cider and very unique. It had a cloudy look to it, showing it is unfiltered. The initial smell is of pure apple pie. I sat there for a minute just taking in the aromas of this cider. On the first sip you get a cinnamon taste to it and then it has a long finish, highlight the Brett characteristics. This truly shows how much my tastes are changing as normally this is something I would have never tried in the past. We certainly will have to visit Cider Creek to see what other unique ciders they are working on.

Until our next adventure,

A & S