Adventuring across the pond…

As it occasionally happens, one of the two of us has the good fortune to venture into distant cider territories flying solo for our lives outside of the cider world.  In this case the location is the UK.  What a fortunate experience it was to be able to do some cider exploring there!  From first bag-in-box experiences in a proper pub to Westons on draft, the availability of cider in the UK is so much more prevalent than in the States. It was a challenge to even get started on which ciders to try, not to mention there was limited time to explore.

This journey started in Manchester with a colleague from Germany.  The cider scene in manchester is nothing like in the more southwestern portions of the nation but it seems to be growing with a few new local producers and a Cider and Perry Festival that is now in its 6th year.  Despite this there were still a few local spots where real cider could be found, with the Font  having one of the better selections from the limited exploring on this trip.

The real find of the trip however was on the southern edge of Birmingham at Cotteridge Wines.  Their selection of beer and cider was incredible.  A few bottles even had to make the trip back to the States.  The best manner to illustrate the products they had in stock is to dive right in to the tasting notes for the week!

Oliver’s Gold Rush #4 Cider

Him:  This is the third time I have had the Gold Rush #4, each time I have picked up on different aspects of the cider.  The first thing I notice about the cider is the color!  It is a deep golden brown color and crystal clear.  The aroma coming from the glass is fruity and earthy, like wet straw in mid-spring.  The smell seems to tell about the place where this cider came from.  It is carbonated, however this is only apparent when you first pour it as the bubbles are invisible in the glass and its only once you have a sip that you remember they are still there.  The carbonation gives a pleasant tingly sensation on the tongue that fades as the tannin in the cider takes over.  Full in the mouth the taste is fruity at first but transitions to slight caramel and subtly spicy before the finish of the tannin takes over.  On the finish the flavor is that of apple peel with a dryness comparable to a Cabernet or a Merlot.  Definitely a score for a cider explorer!

Her:  Another English style cider…another funky smell. This time it had a more subtle barnyard-y smell which I am learning to get past. I absolutely love the color of this cider. It’s golden brown just popped and was beautiful in the glass. After getting past the smell and taking an initial sip so many things ran through my mind. It started out fruity but soon the tannins take over and left my mouth dry. The dryness made my mouth salivate which in turn made me want to take another sip. I am slowly learning to appreciate this craft of cider and I think my palette will only continue to change as I am introduced to more and more incredible ciders.

Until our next adventure,

A & S




Travel to get exCIDERed about

So, it all started with a shared love of good food, craft beverages and a want to travel and explore the world. Yes, we are talking about our relationship but also about the purpose and idea behind this blog. We want to take you with us on each of our adventures in search of cider and through time see how our palettes for craft beverages, specifically cider, have evolved and changed.

Like we do on most of our adventures, one of our favorite things is to dive in and find out who is behind the product that we are sampling. We like to find out what their story is and what brought them to where they are today. To be fair and follow our own rule of getting to know the people we meet wherever we go, here is a spinet of our story!

We are Alex and Steph. Our main love is traveling. Both of us have traveled to several parts of the world separately: Europe, China, Ghana, Panama, Korea, Japan, Thailand. Together, we are exploring the good ole’ USA one state at a time.MtWashington

Along with travel, we love good, local food and beverages. We are huge supporters in buying and supporting what is local. This philosophy extends to wherever we travel. During our early traveling days, we focused on finding the best local food places around. Lately, as our love for cider has grown, we have focused our travels on also finding local cider. Since we live in upstate New York, many ciders will be from the Northeast but we try to travel as much as possible. Hopefully, one day, branching outside the USA together!


We hope you can join us in our journey. If you’re a cider lover, maybe you’ll find something new to try, if you’ve heard of cider but haven’t tried it maybe you’ll venture out and expand your palette.

Either way, we only have one rule here: HAVE FUN EXPLORING THE WORLD OF CIDER!

Until our next adventure,

A & S