One from the cellar…

In this edition of the Traveling Cider Lovers adventures we bring you one from the cellar. As occasionally happens geographic separation kept us from having a new adventure this week.  It did however present us with the opportunity to dig a cider with a story out of the cellar!  It is nice to have new adventures each week but going to the cellar is a chance for a trip down memory lane or a chance to rediscover a forgotten bottle stashed away in the depths.

In this case we didn’t have to reach too deep into the depths of our cellar to find a cider we were interested in trying; it even has an adventure that goes with it! At the beginning of February good fortune allowed half of our team to attend CiderCon in Portland, Oregon.  What a great event!

One of the stops on a tour of the Willamette Valley area was Wandering Aengus Ciderworks.  This place is definitely worth a visit if you ever get the chance.  The commitment to making delicious ciders as well as environmental stewardship was impressive to say the least.  Just check out their Alt Transport Program:


Fortunately, some delicious Wandering Aengus cider survived the trip back to Western New York.  Bushwhacker Cider in Portland had among its amazing cider selection several of the Wandering Aengus ciders.  The one that made it out of the cellar this week is:  Ashmead’s Kernel


Him:  Lightly golden but brilliant in color this single varietal is clear with larger bubbles.  First sniff is green and grassy but diving deeper into the nose brings sweetness a combination or ripe pear and apple aromas with a subtle hint of toasted nuts.  This is a bone dry, high acid cider that is light bodied at first though the alcohol brings it almost to a medium body.  The fruity apple and pear from the nose come through in the flavor as well.  They are joined by subtle caramel notes and gooseberry flavors.  It finishes with a slight bit of tannin though the acidity makes it a mostly clean finish.

Her : I love the color of this cider. Upon first smell, I immediately smelled pears. Upon second sniff, I found a nice aroma of apples and pears combined. Within the first sip and touch on the tongue, my mouth started watering. The more I try different ciders, the more I like the tart, dry style ciders. This cider has a nice clean finish that made me want to keep going back for more.

Until our next adventure

A & S